Starry-eyed girl

{September 6, 2009}   Starry-eyedness

Well it was not at all difficult to chose a title and domain for this blog, considering how throughout my life people have always referred to me as ‘naive’, ‘too trusting’, ‘gullible’, etc. And recently, after giving an English speech with the set topic of ‘hopes and dreams’ where I outlined my future ambitions – write a book, get a record deal, open a concert for either Beyonce, the Ting Tings, the Black Eyed Peas, or Madonna (either is fine by me) – make lots of money, raise a successful family, and so on, my teacher said to me in a rather condescending, sarcastic tone: ‘well someonehas stars in her eyes’… Who, me?? This comment led me to much deliberation and self-scrutiny (and googling). According to, starry-eyed means ‘having a naively enthusiastic, overoptimistic, or romantic view; unrealistic, full of unrealistic hopes and dreams’ …. hmmm.. so, maybe these things aren’t considered to be desirable characteristics, but I think that a pinch of ruthless ambition, of childlike enthusiam and optimism, being full of hope and trying to look at things in a positive light, these are good things. Maybe people need to recapture that overwhelming excitement and burning ambition they felt as a child when they were suddenly struck with the idea of being a firefighter, or a ballerina, or an astronaut, or a cowboy, or a pilot, or a fairy princess, or a …OK, point made. And maybe someone needs to pluck a few stars out the sky and stick them in my English teacher’s eyes, ‘cos I think a lil’ bit of dreaming is good for the soul.


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