Starry-eyed girl

{September 10, 2009}   My Story (so far)

Where do I begin?…

Well, I’m only eighteen years old but so far I have experienced quite a lot in my rather short life; some good, some bad, and some completely shattering.

I know everyone in this world has had to deal with a fair amount of difficulties and suffering, some more than others. I don’t consider my story to be anything rare, unfortunately as I hate to think of anyone else being in the same situation, but I hope by telling my story, or rather, my family’s story, it could help people who happen to stumble across it, and raise awarness.

If I touch the life of even one person, I will consider that a blessing and feel a great sense of accomplishment, because that is my ultimate goal. That, and to write – which is my ultimate passion. In order to keep things simple I’ve arrange my story into three phases. So here goes.


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